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Network Expansion Consulting

Network Expansion Custom Planning
& Execution

The Keys to
the Kingdom

It all begins with a destination and a strategy to get there. Terri DeBoo Ideas@Work will help you develop your plan, then work with you to implement that plan. We begin with a consistent and powerful “My Story” to use in the messaging of your company. With goals, strategy and messaging in place you will learn to leverage your current relationships and develop new ones.



Through companywide workshops, employees are taught networking and relationship building skills.  TD I@W will create and monitor your community calendar, ensuring your networking success.

Customizing and continuing your Networking Training, TD I@W will delve into the: who, why, where and how of true networking and relationship building practices. Your employees will become masters of business and lead generation through this expansion practice.



Strategic scheduled events are chosen for attendance. Individuals will recieve personalized training at selected events.  TD I@W will also create a customized plan for community involvement including committees, boards and philanthropic giving.

With a Turn-Key approach, TD I@W will become the catalyst for dramatic results as we travel with you and/or represent you and your company at community events.  We cultivate and create opportunities for relationship building among targeted audiences.



We merge into your company’s culture. We create opportunities to attend, helping you position yourself and key employees in the pipeline for measurable outcomes. What committees or boards do you need to be a part of? We will analyze, target and implement the strategy.

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