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Speaking Engagements

Attendees say…
“Really liked Terri’s energy and ability to move through the presentation and make it painless”
“Great Energy!”
“Absolutely great presentation! So much fun & lots of good information we can all use. Need more speakers like Terri!!”.

Nonprofit Topics

“You are who leads you”

How to create a board of worker bees and not Queen bees.


“Are we relevant? If not, how do we get there?”

Developing missions and goals that are authentic to your company's philosophy, not just just good marketing.


“Where do I look for funding? How do I achieve my goal?”

Let’s talk about making strong alliances with funders or other non-profits.


Business Topics

“Customer Service…where is my WOW, moment?”

Let’s discover how to make your client say “Wow”, and spread your message forward for you. Do you walk in your customer’s shoes? Let’s talk about how to create a wow moment for your company!


 “Where do I go from here?”

How do you formulate a plan? What does growth look like from your current situation?


“What’s the best way to give back?”

What is the best plan of action to make sure you are helping your company while supporting your Community and City? We help you assess the strategic involvements that propel your company’s ROI.


“Too many choices…what do I join and how do I work it all?”

There is the Chamber, Civic Organizations, Business Leader Organizations and so many more….where do you invest your dollars and just how many networking events can you attend or send your staff? We help you work through the best plan of action for your desired outcome.


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