To those who know me...I am a Disney fanatic. To the Disney fanatics...I am a fan. But, to my family and me, I just love the mouse. However, lately I am less than amused by some major changes made to vacationing at Disney World. I travel to the Florida theme park fro...








Geez, Terri where ya been???









Oh, the life of an Entrepreneur. Let’s get ambitious and get 


everything done, right now, and have it perfect. Perfection will kill 





New clients, non-profit commitments, running the office, handling 


everything alone plus...


As I sit awaiting the meeting to start...I look around the room...is this a microcosm of High School or is this bitter coffee in this Styrofoam cup making me regress?
Let's see...there are the Science Club boys sitting there low talking, comparing charts and graphs f...


You may have missed it’s obituary, but Customer Service, long loved by consumers everywhere, passed away after a long decline due to neglect somewhere around the year 1995.


I am not surprised. I witnessed its demise over the last couple decades. We do not treasure the...


I am a networker, negotiator and strategist— usually over a cup of coffee.


But, I am also a blogger by nature. This is because I create and download information constantly and love to share my learning with others. I have regaled my friends with many a Facebook post ab...

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