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A Strong Coffee and Some Reflection

As I sit awaiting the meeting to start...I look around the this a microcosm of High School or is this bitter coffee in this Styrofoam cup making me regress? Let's see...there are the Science Club boys sitting there low talking, comparing charts and graphs for the latest presentation, next to, the Techies who are setting up the power point for the know-it-all to read along to... (Please for the love of all things holy, quit READING the power points people!), next, the 2 women shuffling agendas in the corner, who want to organize us all. And then, we have the young professionals that are so very important, they absolutely must check their e-mails at once because something important may be coming their way, or posted since they last checked during the drive in this morning. Maybe the Business Journal has the latest winner of the Up and Coming Young Professionals Award listed? The middle manager of some big corporate entity, who was placed here to represent, is laughing with his counterpart about some sports game and how badly the other team played and asking one another who they think will do something fantastic or some other such sport conversation which to me, really sounds like Charlie Brown parent speaking after trying to listen for 5 mins. The rest of the group is focusing on the agenda and their reports to the committee and I know they have actually done something to propel our agenda since our last meeting. What are the statistics, 20% does 80% of the work on average for any committee or board? That sounds about right. Have you been on those boards? I have. Let me just say this...if you are on a Board or Committee and you bring nothing to the group in the way of talent, time, energy or effort...quit, resign, beg out, leave and prove you still have a shred of integrity. You see if you show up because you have to, want to build your resume, had good intentions but no time, or the worse, because you were asked and bless your heart...didn't want to say no...Then release the spot to someone who really brings vigor, expertise, passion and work ethic to the group. Those of us working to make change, help the organization, build, raise money and leave it better than we found it...are tired, tired, tired of being the 20%. And here is the news flash, we see you. We know who you are and we are not impressed. I am always inspired by someone who is engaged and who sees value in the organization for something other than what they receive from being involved. It makes me think, if they would work this hard for free, imagine how hard they would work for money! And a side bar...if you have traded your services for recognition...treat the outcome, service or product like you have been paid a million bucks...because, no one knows you haven't. This work represents your work to all who see it. Be proud of the work you do and if you choose to donate the product or service, do it with passion and expertise not, you get what you pay for attitude. Trust me, it will pay off in ways you cannot imagine! As our leader heads to the podium I get ready to work...and I write my first note on the legal pad in the committee folder for next month’s meeting..."Reminder: Stop at Caribou on the way in...This coffee is terrible" Until next time…be your best, Terri

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