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Terri DeBoo Ideas@Work exceeds expectations and delivers measurable outcomes. As your Business Growth Advisor, we will develop and act upon a plan to amplify your Rainmakers and set your business on the trajectory needed for growth. Community development in Charlotte is a unique road to travel; Terri DeBoo Ideas@Work will chart your map to success. Following a needs assessment, we will engage your employees on one or more of the following paths to generate the revenue stream you desire.


Networking, Sales or Development Training


30 second “My Story” development session 

You or your staff will learn how to create a sharp 30 sec elevator speech that represents who you are and what you want to project.  This will be easy to understand while prompting a question in response.


“Brainstorming Breakfast” or “Lunch and Learn”  

These include 1 hr of light networking skills training, just enough to make someone feel comfortable and get through a networking lunch or cocktail hour event. The understanding of why networking is important is achieved. Normally held over breakfast or lunch event provided by client.


Seminar Training    

Full day, Half day or 2-4 hr classes containing more in-depth training, practice sessions including verbiage to use. If held in conjunction with a social event, actual Networking achieved. Program modeled after consultation performed for targeted outcomes. Sales trainings include how to close the sale and how to react to individual clients for a favorable outcome.


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