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Facebook and a Cup of Coffee...

Geez, Terri where ya been???

Oh, the life of an Entrepreneur. Let’s get ambitious and get

everything done, right now, and have it perfect. Perfection will kill


New clients, non-profit commitments, running the office, handling

everything alone plus, filling your pipeline of business and

suddenly, keeping up on your blog doesn’t happen. Then one day

someone says, “Write something will ya?” they have a point. It is

not like my Facebook thread is suffering. Why is it easier to write

something on Facebook?

My theory…it is like talking with friends. I just pour myself a cup

of coffee and sit in front of my computer wandering about. Seeing

everyone and bah-hahing and LOLing on everyone’s posts. In my

defense, it is just sitting there with its Icon just begging to be

clicked on. It screams at me, “What is happening at the beach?”

“Who is getting a promotion?” “Where is the next party?” “How is

everybody doing?” “Answer my question?” I just have to know!

New rules…for every hour I spend cruising the Facebook world I

must write a post. So, either you all will hear a lot less from me on

Facebook or, my Blog will become more robust. I also, need to

divide time with finishing my book. Ah, the book. The one I

promised to have completed by April. It also became a causality of

my inability to say no.

Actually, that is not fair either…I was never asked. I just cannot

help myself from volunteering. Call it a compulsion, or a

personality trait. I see a need and I jump at the chance to make it

happen. I suppose to the benefactors it is a good thing. But, a new

promise must be made.

I will write pages in the Book, Blog, then…surf Facebook and

everything else that must get done. So, the life of an Entrepreneur

is challenging and all things important will get to the top of the list

at some point. And, perfection will kill you; so enjoy a funny pet

video then, get to work!

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